Hairdressing services

Basic servicesClassic servicesPremium services

Assistant hairdresserProffesional hairdresserMaster hairdresser
Children’s haircutBGN 15BGN 25 N/A
Male haircutBGN 15BGN 25 BGN 40
Female haircut and blow dryBGN 30BGN 45 BGN 90
Blow dryBGN 15BGN 25 BGN 50
Blow dry + curling ironBGN 25BGN 50 BGN 100
Blow dry on hair with extensions BGN 30BGN 50 BGN 100
Coloring of a customer with  recordBGN 80BGN 100BGN 200
Coloring, haircut and blow dry of a customer with recordBGN 95BGN 135BGN 270
Streaks and blow dryN/ABGN 125BGN 250
Streaks, haircut and blow dry N/ABGN 155 BGN 320
Coloring, haircut and blow drying to new customersN/ABGN 135BGN 250
Coloring, strands or refreshing existing streaks, haircut and blow drying for new customersN/ABGN 175BGN 350
Complete change of hair color+ blow drying N/ABGN 220BGN 450
Scalp care ritualBGN 10BGN 15N/A
Hair care ritualBGN 15BGN 20N/A
Curling/ straightening iron-partiallyBGN 10BGN 20BGN 40
Shaping eyebrows, nose, earsBGN 5BGN 10N/A
Beard / moustacheBGN 10BGN 20BGN 40
Scalp massage/ ritualBGN 10BGN 20N/A
Braids-patleyBGN 5BGN 10N/A
All hair braidedBGN 30N/AN/A
Hair upBGN 100BGN 200 BGN 400
Hair matteBGN 40 BGN 60BGN 120
Additional hair dye (40 ml)/ lightening product (30 gr.)BGN 20 BGN 20N/A

Manicure/ Pedicure

Manicure without nail polish BGN 20
Manicure with gel nail polishBGN 35
French manicure with gel nail polish BGN 40
Manicure with classic nail polish BGN 25
French manicure with classic nail polish BGN 30
La Biosthetique Spa manicure gel nail polish BGN 50
La Biosthetique Spa manicure classic nail polish BGN 45
Spa therapy for your hands BGN 20
Pedicure without nail polish BGN 30
Pedicure classic nail BGN 35
Pedicure gel nail polish BGN 45

Each missed appointment is charged 50% of the unused service cost on a your next visit. Reserved hours are canceled at least 12 hours in advance.

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